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Mi 11 Ultra Review - Xiaomi just KILLED Samsung!?

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  1. Mrwhosetheboss


    26 dagar sedan

    Thanks so much for waiting for my video on this one - wanted to make sure it was good! 👊 To check out the worst Tech fails of the decade:

    • Ozan


      Dag sedan

      Tell me this. Would you buy a BMW or a Toyota if everything is the same, including price, performance, fuel consumption, design etc?

    • Noor Jahan

      Noor Jahan

      18 dagar sedan

    • Abhishek Kumar Ojha

      Abhishek Kumar Ojha

      19 dagar sedan

      I think one major aspect where samsung just leads the way is security. Samsung's One UI is one of the most security oriented android skin if not the best(for me it is). One of the costliest thing today is our data. This pro of Samsung outworks all its cons, I think so. You may disagree with me, well it's okay. But, this is what I experienced. I do not have world class knowledge in this sector, but tried to put up whatever I thought is important. Thanks



      20 dagar sedan

      Plz Mi 11 Pro video

    • 100_Yash Patil

      100_Yash Patil

      20 dagar sedan

      Please make small video under 10 min . It will be good to watch

  2. Suzane Maharjan

    Suzane Maharjan

    48 minuter sedan

    Among us 🥺

  3. nyzk


    2 timmar sedan

    samsung made alot of parts in this phone

  4. Taufik Lama

    Taufik Lama

    2 timmar sedan

    nice video, but got to my attention you didnt mention anything if it is water resistant or the ip whatever least thats important for me in a review...cheers

  5. Pochi Hirosam

    Pochi Hirosam

    2 timmar sedan

    it doesn't have mmWave and sub6 so it's not as good as samsung s21

  6. Tess Elaynes

    Tess Elaynes

    2 timmar sedan


  7. Ermin


    2 timmar sedan

    Mi will never be S .....

  8. Rock girl

    Rock girl

    2 timmar sedan

    The Subtle Rick Roll while presenting this phone is what gets me

  9. Asad The Leo

    Asad The Leo

    3 timmar sedan

    Like thay expression "Oye" at 4:13 😂❤

  10. Lucius Joe terry

    Lucius Joe terry

    3 timmar sedan

    Haha 1200 dolars shit

    • Rock girl

      Rock girl

      2 timmar sedan

      What is an Iphone doing there ? (13:31)

  11. Jeckzie


    4 timmar sedan

    Thats it imma throw my s10 out of the window. DAD MY PHONE'S BROKEN! NEED A NEW ONE!

  12. Joseph Consuegra

    Joseph Consuegra

    4 timmar sedan

    Just buy an iPhone, they will hold their value more than any other phone.

  13. C. Schulz

    C. Schulz

    4 timmar sedan

    I am/was not interested in another phone, my S9+ is still doing well. But still I have seen the whole video. Just because, you did a very well job. Really clear and interesting. Well done.

  14. MEMeOp


    4 timmar sedan

    honestly why do manufactures bother releasing new stuff that's uninteresting, come back in a couple of years when there is something really interesting to show for....

  15. S Courtoreille

    S Courtoreille

    5 timmar sedan

    Is it true xiaomi has ads in their devices?

  16. nach455


    6 timmar sedan

    To me, aspects in which M11 is better are to narrow and mean nothing when compared to how horrendous it looks.

  17. Veranso Platini

    Veranso Platini

    6 timmar sedan

    I couldn't wait till the video was a second over, so i can rush down the comment section and see what they were saying about you... You are Talented Genius bro.. Hats off.

  18. bassa God

    bassa God

    6 timmar sedan

    Xiaomi is nice the only problem for me is the huge amount of google apps (that can't be uninstalled) and the huge amount of adds on them.

  19. Solid Snake

    Solid Snake

    6 timmar sedan

    Ehh I disagree with you, I like my Samsung.

  20. OwnItG 4F

    OwnItG 4F

    7 timmar sedan

    Xiaomi puts sky high price on the ultras or pros but lack on ultrasonic fingerprint sensor. Not worth it. *AlSo FoR tHaT PriCe AlOt Of AdS oN tHeIr aPpS.* 2 year of software update versus 3 on Samsung.

  21. Naoki Yuusuke

    Naoki Yuusuke

    7 timmar sedan

    I love xiaomi for its battery, but not it’s camera. I love iphone and samsung for its camera, but not its battery. Lg? No thanks

  22. Zenitsu Agatsuma

    Zenitsu Agatsuma

    7 timmar sedan

    4:12 ignore this, this is for myself. DID I JUST SEE BTS IN A TECH VIDEO 😩👋🏽

  23. Adam Meek

    Adam Meek

    7 timmar sedan

    * Xiaomi *HAS* just KILLED Samsung * 'one' is pronounst *WUN* u illitrit dolt.

  24. Mustafa Chynybaev

    Mustafa Chynybaev

    7 timmar sedan

    5:02 nice rickroll you, never expected you to do it but hey.

  25. Taseen Ahmed 7C SN

    Taseen Ahmed 7C SN

    8 timmar sedan

    What is an Iphone doing there ? (13:31)

  26. Taseen Ahmed 7C SN

    Taseen Ahmed 7C SN

    8 timmar sedan

    OMG (12:11) I cant look at that .

  27. Taseen Ahmed 7C SN

    Taseen Ahmed 7C SN

    8 timmar sedan

    Just Stop It Arun (5:03)

  28. Bean smasher

    Bean smasher

    8 timmar sedan

    Love ur vidz bro

  29. Md Abrar

    Md Abrar

    8 timmar sedan

    5:03 did this guy just rickrolled us omg lmao😂

  30. Already tired of this

    Already tired of this

    9 timmar sedan

    This is how a flagship should be... Crushing everyone..

  31. Niloy Tarofder

    Niloy Tarofder

    9 timmar sedan

    5:02 he is rickrollig us 😂😂😂😂😂

  32. Satyam Jagat Sundaram Baba

    Satyam Jagat Sundaram Baba

    9 timmar sedan

    mi 11 ultra 5g vs vivo x60 pro plus

  33. Yusuf firdaus

    Yusuf firdaus

    9 timmar sedan

    5:00 did i just got Rick rolled?

  34. Steve Chika

    Steve Chika

    9 timmar sedan

    Does the ultra have google playstore

  35. Space Ctrl

    Space Ctrl

    9 timmar sedan

    That's what she said!!

  36. Ötzi


    10 timmar sedan

    That's what she said xD

  37. Ashish Bagade

    Ashish Bagade

    10 timmar sedan

    Whatever I am NOT BUYING Chinese phone at all

  38. Pratheek Gopishetty

    Pratheek Gopishetty

    10 timmar sedan

    Aaron: there is one wildcard. Me: that's a UNO reverse card.



    10 timmar sedan

    Basically xiaomi 11 ultra is rtx 3080 and samsung s21 ultra is rtx 3070 🤣🤣🤣

  40. Satpal Teotia

    Satpal Teotia

    10 timmar sedan

    How to fix the DPI value of phone, i set it to 1000 and now my phone screen is black... please help.

    • Satpal Teotia

      Satpal Teotia

      10 timmar sedan

      @ELITE HEAT i can't do that, I've to save my data by any means, data is more important



      10 timmar sedan

      Reset it

  41. Oscar Lopez

    Oscar Lopez

    10 timmar sedan

    There are so much adverts on my Xiaomi that I don’t think I’d buy another one. It’s an abuse. And on top of it, it is not easy to get rid of it. Coming back from my ducuments I had to put up with a five second advert before being able to get back to the main window. What a **** is that? A complete shame.

  42. Aaronryan5444


    11 timmar sedan

    Bro your voise is OP☺☺

  43. Dave cuenca

    Dave cuenca

    11 timmar sedan

    0:57 -thats what she said (had me laughing)

  44. The Krapbook

    The Krapbook

    12 timmar sedan

    I just recently finished watching “THE OFFICE” and I appreciate the THAT’S WHAT SHE SAID joke. 😊

  45. dA nA

    dA nA

    12 timmar sedan

    Pen input....

  46. Technology Omelet

    Technology Omelet

    13 timmar sedan

    Can you make a gaming test. (Including Call Of Duty Mobile).

  47. Technology Omelet

    Technology Omelet

    13 timmar sedan

    0:57 did you see that?

  48. Mehedi Hassan

    Mehedi Hassan

    14 timmar sedan

    Nothing helpful.. you’re just making the confused people more confuse. Use less knowledge 🤣🤣

  49. Rohan Giri

    Rohan Giri

    15 timmar sedan

    Sir who is she???

  50. Mehmet LÖK

    Mehmet LÖK

    15 timmar sedan

    Samsung rules on photshoots. why did yo gave equal points?

    • Mehmet LÖK

      Mehmet LÖK

      15 timmar sedan

      Actually, mi is better but if them both have same price i prefer samsung.

  51. Kereta Simit

    Kereta Simit

    15 timmar sedan

    5:01 Is the best part of this video

  52. Ramana Gottipati

    Ramana Gottipati

    15 timmar sedan

    Seriously?? Did you really made me see the whole video of 17 minutes without skipping atleast a second..!! Awesome

  53. TheMaskOfTheRedAye itachiuchiha

    TheMaskOfTheRedAye itachiuchiha

    15 timmar sedan

    Plz, somebody tell me where I can get that phone, i been grinding on the internet and have found nothing but just scams, pls, my phone old, oof

  54. Abhishek Sharma 1909

    Abhishek Sharma 1909

    16 timmar sedan

    Only if mi had something to replace dex

  55. Јована Куриш

    Јована Куриш

    16 timmar sedan

    My Xiaomi is only 2 numbers in back🤣

  56. Narendran Raman

    Narendran Raman

    17 timmar sedan

    Did anyone see Rick roll

  57. vbddfy euuyt

    vbddfy euuyt

    17 timmar sedan

    I'm very curious of the video stabilization of these two being compared. Should've included that too.

  58. Asish Dutta

    Asish Dutta

    17 timmar sedan

    Samsung is the boss... I use mi 10t ,but my 3 year old Samsung s8 is more comfortable and useful for me...

    • vbddfy euuyt

      vbddfy euuyt

      17 timmar sedan

      missuse of humanity,so its product is anty humanism,be carefull not be fooled by this communism country,its priducts are absolutely absurd

  59. P2W PJ

    P2W PJ

    19 timmar sedan

    Thats what she said

  60. Chinwuba Mmaduka

    Chinwuba Mmaduka

    19 timmar sedan

    I swear this changed my mind on Samsung and Huawei Xiaomi is the way forward....

  61. Cohen Tiger

    Cohen Tiger

    19 timmar sedan

    Wow a true subbed to not subbed ratio

  62. John316


    19 timmar sedan

    For ALL have sinned and fallen short from the glory of God. We deserve hell fire. but the free gift from God is eternal life found in Christ Jesus. John 3:16 for God so loved the world he gave his only begotten son and whoever believes in him should not perish but have everlasting life

  63. מדינט


    20 timmar sedan

    I am waiting for the first phone manufacturer to give us an excellent one lens camera. Some just don't care or need all the others. I am sure the mi 11 ultra is a great phone, but I really don't like the look of it with that huge camera bump, so for me it's a no.

  64. marktwain4


    20 timmar sedan

    omfg this is the phone...could do without the lame/annoying production. made it, idk..2mins max

  65. funky guy

    funky guy

    21 timme sedan

    Bro stop youtubing and start voice acting your voice is like what Simon Cowell once said "Liquid Gold" but just kidding with the youtubing stop you are one of the most accurate, honest & detailed reviewers in the whole world in my opinion your fan from Egypt .. respects bro .. and sorry for may bad english XD

  66. Aziz Rahman

    Aziz Rahman

    21 timme sedan

    Oh ah...its absurd, one might say'

  67. Unspoken


    21 timme sedan

    Samsung will always be better than xioami or Apple. Don't matter how they fail with their devices, but if you really think about it, they are the best company you can get better stuff. 😌 Samsung all the way 🙌

  68. Kushal Dobhal

    Kushal Dobhal

    22 timmar sedan

    Haha he's been paid by xaomi to defend the camera setup they have on their phone coz this is the worst camera setup I've ever seen. Period.

  69. LusterX4


    22 timmar sedan

    Amogus Phone

  70. E Rod

    E Rod

    23 timmar sedan

    China is not our friend. Xiaomi hasn't killed anything.



    23 timmar sedan

    5:03 why didn't anyone noticed that he rickrolled us

  72. Chip SAW

    Chip SAW

    Dag sedan

    5:03 Get Rick rolled lmao

  73. Joseph Williams

    Joseph Williams

    Dag sedan

    I really do appreciate the Face book regain sweet_hack02 in iG just got my account back

  74. Bozad Koskesh

    Bozad Koskesh

    Dag sedan

    china never has humanistic and useful for humanity intense or goal,it just look to every human as money,so it just olays with numbers to fool peoples and totaly aware of missuse of humanity,so its product is anty humanism,be carefull not be fooled by this communism country,its priducts are absolutely absurd

  75. Joseph Williams

    Joseph Williams

    Dag sedan

    I really do appreciate the Face book regain sweet_hack02 in iG just got my account back

  76. blitzer25 blitz

    blitzer25 blitz

    Dag sedan

    u may be right but Samsung is the ultimate when it comes to software updates. my S21U receives MONTHLY updates, something even Pixels and iPhones could only dream of.

  77. Strapacadabra


    Dag sedan

    Can we address the fact that the intro was fire 🔥

  78. Philip Willis

    Philip Willis

    Dag sedan

    Samsung won’t spy and send your data to the communist!

  79. BRCiti Family

    BRCiti Family

    Dag sedan

    Video is too long.. Tel me if it is worth buying or NOT ?

  80. M J

    M J

    Dag sedan

    I would love this phone in USA 🇺🇸🕺👏

  81. L1ttleT3d


    Dag sedan

    So I can give €1200 to a Korean company... or a Chinese one. Not exactly a tough decision, surely?

  82. FrancescoDerAffe


    Dag sedan

    Samsung and Huawei its better!!!!!!

  83. Ryan Electric

    Ryan Electric

    Dag sedan

    The ultimate killer to this phone is: it is from china and therefore ANSWER TO THE CCP. So, since the CCP forces companies to give any information they want to the CCP, they do the same thing WITH YOUR INFORMATION.

  84. Nojus


    Dag sedan

    Is xiaomi trying to get shut down for copy right?🤣

  85. Soouls YT

    Soouls YT

    Dag sedan

    My phone beats that phone 😂😂😂 my phone skips persentages and gets to 100 in 10 minutes and lasts for 3 weeks

  86. That guy FozY

    That guy FozY

    Dag sedan

    hahahah rick astley u got my sub

  87. Lauri Korhonen

    Lauri Korhonen

    Dag sedan

    0:57 I saw that

  88. D Tech

    D Tech

    Dag sedan

    Brother Samsung and Xiaomi Camera Is Not Equal. Samsung Camera Always Better Than Xiaomi.

  89. Kesiagabe Hegeu

    Kesiagabe Hegeu

    Dag sedan

    Still confused how it's better then Samsung other then battery charging speed

  90. Watema 3

    Watema 3

    Dag sedan

    5:00 We just got Rick Rolled twice in less than 5 seconds

  91. Watema 3

    Watema 3

    Dag sedan

    Xiaomi - "I eat Samsungs for Breakfast"

  92. Rekkless


    Dag sedan

    I don't care how good it is, I would never own a Chinese phone.

  93. Ha Kai

    Ha Kai

    Dag sedan

    Xiaomi 👎

  94. ItsLx4m _

    ItsLx4m _

    Dag sedan

    4:12 DNA Armyyy

  95. PegimampooS


    Dag sedan

    Display - by Samsung Camera - by Samsung Sensor - by Samsung Winner - Xiaomi.

  96. TheCrow


    Dag sedan

    I fell like the Go Pro went to buy cigarettes and never came back, and we are now seeing lots of new phones that strangely resembles it.

  97. Sanjay Shandilya

    Sanjay Shandilya

    Dag sedan

    No one- Arun-I eat Samsungs for breakfast

  98. Hayden Russell Thomas *

    Hayden Russell Thomas *

    Dag sedan

    0:56 Thats what she said

  99. Md Jashim Uddin chowdhury Md Jashim Uddin chowdhury

    Md Jashim Uddin chowdhury Md Jashim Uddin chowdhury

    Dag sedan

    Nice video

  100. Paz


    Dag sedan

    4:12 "OY"