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The Thinnest Smartphone in the World.

7 of the Strangest, Rarest Smartphones, including the thinnest phone in the world, ever...😱...Check out Huel here:
For my most brutally honest phone commercial:
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  1. Mrwhosetheboss


    9 dagar sedan

    Which was your favourite on the list (you're not allowed to say #5 😂)? Had SO many requests for my Mi 11 Ultra Review (really appreciate you asking) - still working on it, but just had a bit of a logistics issue so I want to make sure I've still tested it thoroughly before giving conclusions! Also to watch my brutally honest Smartphone commercials video:

    • Addy Dhawan

      Addy Dhawan

      14 timmar sedan

      Brother bht bdiya review videos bnate h AAP main apki Saari videos dekhta hu ND like,comnt ND share bhi krta rehta hu.... lekin AAP phone ka giveaway nhi krte pls giveaway kro main aapse 2k se 3k ka budget me phone khreedna chahta hu...AAP koi sa bhi phone bechdo budget price wala

    • Orlando Me&

      Orlando Me&

      Dag sedan

      My favorite is Mrwhosethebos 'yeah i like so perry nice ticer..😍😍😍😨😱👍👍💝💝💝📱

    • YoutubetitleP


      5 dagar sedan

      The nophone

    • Alex Hirsch

      Alex Hirsch

      5 dagar sedan

      Mi 11 ultra please

    • Corrode


      5 dagar sedan

      @Windows 10X you didn’t answer my question. And no, you can’t force me to watch all of your videos.

  2. 殺しますrokushiki


    Timme sedan


  3. Peter Herget & Gadgets Anonymous

    Peter Herget & Gadgets Anonymous

    Timme sedan

    You had me with the thumbnail, the title, and then your audio combined with your consistently great content - noice review Arun!

  4. raymond velasco

    raymond velasco

    Timme sedan

    Paulit ulit yung phone features. Iniiba iba lang topic 🤣

  5. hackage


    Timme sedan


  6. Wholesome Tomato

    Wholesome Tomato

    2 timmar sedan

    How many takes to catch the phone?

  7. Jay Vid

    Jay Vid

    3 timmar sedan

    Seriously u drink that...

  8. Rodny G

    Rodny G

    3 timmar sedan

    ..the thinnest, smallest, roundest, smoothest, ect... It's all makes no difference. Marketers are constantly changing the cosmetic look of all technology in order to sell new product in the future. I guarantee that whatever is popular today will be re-engineered anyway within a year.

  9. corey Van Kirczey

    corey Van Kirczey

    3 timmar sedan

    I love getting the other guys hand throwing the phones at the boss

  10. Afnan Ali

    Afnan Ali

    4 timmar sedan

    Second was hilarious . Arun just do's it perfectly. Absolutely love his content.

  11. Caleb Russell

    Caleb Russell

    4 timmar sedan

    7:28 from what I understand this is actually pretty common with lock manufacturers. Fountain pen ink manufacturer Noodler also had a similar promotion. Its basically the equivalent of “we have an early access game, come report bugs and exploits”

  12. Paton Cavaney

    Paton Cavaney

    4 timmar sedan

    Lol some warehouse workplaces use the s4 zoom to take pictures of stock

  13. Gandalfwiz2007


    4 timmar sedan

    Nophone air is the next 1700$ iPhone when Apple will remove the phone!

  14. BLACK H


    4 timmar sedan

    Guys that huel thing is crazy , check it out



    5 timmar sedan

    Samsung Galaxy A7 2015 Was Also Slim

  16. Renz


    5 timmar sedan

    @Mrwhosetheboss You have a lot of influence on the Tech community, even me. Maybe you can reach out to one of them and tell them that I am trying to create a product and I need their manufacturers

  17. Fragoner yes?

    Fragoner yes?

    5 timmar sedan

    2:35 awkward midroll

  18. Xcreenz


    5 timmar sedan


  19. Mansoor TM

    Mansoor TM

    6 timmar sedan

    Where did you buy Vivo X5 Max phone? In which website?

  20. Astrozilian


    6 timmar sedan

    9:12 why does this case looks like amogus?

  21. aola wili

    aola wili

    6 timmar sedan

    I've never seen Arun and the Passionfruit CEO in the same room, that's all I'm saying.

  22. Clonazepam2.0


    6 timmar sedan

    In 2013 The Xperia Z3 was 6.9mm

    • aola wili

      aola wili

      6 timmar sedan

      Somebody tell me how do youtubers get so many phones. Do they buy themselves or company provides them for free??

  23. Mr. Bitsbyte

    Mr. Bitsbyte

    7 timmar sedan

    7:30 Yeah I can, because it's real, lots of companies offer bounties to find vulnerabilities in their systems. Microsoft, google, probably even apple

  24. FBI Agent

    FBI Agent

    7 timmar sedan

    6:40 Nice

  25. Justin Khosla

    Justin Khosla

    7 timmar sedan

    My Micromax Q450 5.1mm thikness

  26. Just Forfun

    Just Forfun

    8 timmar sedan

    Micromax Canvas knight 2 is more thin than this phone also

  27. swag


    8 timmar sedan

    A M O G U S

  28. reaperwolf cacha

    reaperwolf cacha

    8 timmar sedan

    Tip do the sponsor in the beginning so poeple dont klik of

  29. Annaplayz 1o1

    Annaplayz 1o1

    8 timmar sedan

    My uncle has iPhone 10 and his son although my uncle's phone's camera is much better then his son's

  30. Amin Kavari

    Amin Kavari

    8 timmar sedan


  31. Ricardo Mon Vonalot

    Ricardo Mon Vonalot

    8 timmar sedan

    What toilets do you sit on!? My toilet looks nothing like that phone.

  32. Yoshi Dam

    Yoshi Dam

    8 timmar sedan

    omgomg amogus rewfyt7vwda asda omgokmg lm,aoi jadauaha

  33. Zen Tsi

    Zen Tsi

    8 timmar sedan

    lol We got a lot of used Vivo X5 in stock in China

  34. F Patrick

    F Patrick

    9 timmar sedan

    Love your videos but these in and out zooms are really frustrating 🤔

  35. Tushar


    9 timmar sedan

    @3:45 Literally the best part of the video!

  36. SilentCrosses


    9 timmar sedan

    sooner or later I won’t be able to grab my phone anymore if it gets stuck somewhere

  37. Pawan


    9 timmar sedan

    I think that's the same Vivo model, Captain America used in Civil War.

  38. Deep Curiosity

    Deep Curiosity

    9 timmar sedan

    Somebody tell me how do youtubers get so many phones. Do they buy themselves or company provides them for free??

  39. Kaeru كايرو

    Kaeru كايرو

    10 timmar sedan

    I think vivo x5 max is thinest phone in the world Edit: yes i'm right

  40. Joel Felongco Jr

    Joel Felongco Jr

    10 timmar sedan

    give me phone please my phone is almost dead screen

  41. Joel Felongco Jr

    Joel Felongco Jr

    10 timmar sedan

    give me phone please my phone is almost dead screen

  42. Joel Felongco Jr

    Joel Felongco Jr

    10 timmar sedan

    give me phone please my phone is almost dead screen

  43. Subhan Javed

    Subhan Javed

    10 timmar sedan

    I would like your videos much more if you stopped trying to be funny

  44. Amjedh Haleel

    Amjedh Haleel

    10 timmar sedan

    Zoom to see what??

  45. Subhan Javed

    Subhan Javed

    10 timmar sedan

    I would like your videos much more if you stopped trying to be funny

  46. Samar Reddy

    Samar Reddy

    10 timmar sedan

    11:10 nah bro, u forgot one plus and ASUS

  47. Samar Reddy

    Samar Reddy

    10 timmar sedan




    11 timmar sedan

    Love from my heart for your honesty 💖💖who is agree?

  49. HAYDEN


    11 timmar sedan

    "A sub to the channel would be...whatever tf Arun said" 😂😂😂😂

  50. Haise Sasaki

    Haise Sasaki

    11 timmar sedan

    I wonders where all those phone are going

  51. Madison Scott

    Madison Scott

    12 timmar sedan

    Desperate for views and money..

  52. K L I O BEATS


    12 timmar sedan

    I though arun work in motorola 😅 and i realized it was his name haha mrwhosetheboss

  53. Extrovert queen

    Extrovert queen

    12 timmar sedan

    Its pretty cool until it falls from your hand 😂😂

  54. I am a idiot

    I am a idiot

    12 timmar sedan

    6:41 nice

  55. Martin


    12 timmar sedan

    Just bought a shitload of Huel with your link. I hope it taste as good as you're saying!

  56. Bag Lag

    Bag Lag

    12 timmar sedan

    0:12 the galaxy s4 Zoom

  57. Sachin B

    Sachin B

    13 timmar sedan

    Oh God.. "Hold our thing instead"... 😂

  58. Govish Bauljeewon

    Govish Bauljeewon

    13 timmar sedan

    6:41 Nice



    13 timmar sedan

    How did you make an among us reference that actually made me smile?

  60. Ahmad Sarwar

    Ahmad Sarwar

    13 timmar sedan

    Love u bro 🇦🇫

  61. 000000000


    13 timmar sedan

    What kind ruller you have?

  62. Jonathan Bautz

    Jonathan Bautz

    14 timmar sedan

    The music at the end is great

  63. Manan Gadhia

    Manan Gadhia

    14 timmar sedan

    I would love to see the MarshalL London phone in one of your similar future videos

  64. Makai


    14 timmar sedan

    7:20 yeah, google does it all the time. It’s actually a really good way to test your security and get new potential workers.

  65. cis co

    cis co

    15 timmar sedan

    3:20 club penguin music anyone?

  66. LightningFlashh


    15 timmar sedan

    the ball in the 3rd one is a unique foosball

  67. Hot Men

    Hot Men

    16 timmar sedan

    Велсаком с.к.а лучше 100%

  68. curio


    16 timmar sedan

    Block chain is plain idiotic, burning power just to have a simple ledger...The worst nonsense right now.

  69. Kayls


    16 timmar sedan


  70. Laughter opens the mind

    Laughter opens the mind

    16 timmar sedan

    Brother, I live in Bangladesh. Can I have a gaming phone? If it is within 15 16 thousand rupees.

  71. VideoGames Genius

    VideoGames Genius

    16 timmar sedan

    Jesus Christ is coming back and it's serious he also love you and died and resurrected for your sins ,God be with you all.💖

  72. Therealsadskull


    16 timmar sedan

    6:40 Nice

  73. Arcticxcy


    16 timmar sedan

    6:56 AMONG US???????4

  74. Shadhik Azeez

    Shadhik Azeez

    16 timmar sedan

    You are the best tech channel I have ever seen in youtube ❤️. You inspire me a lot to start a new tech channel as well 😍

    • Enjoy with zamur

      Enjoy with zamur

      11 timmar sedan

      Omg so many bots



      16 timmar sedan


  75. Rehan Momin

    Rehan Momin

    16 timmar sedan

    "Hold our thing instead". I'm Dying 🤣🤣🤣

  76. Aman Ansari

    Aman Ansari

    17 timmar sedan

    15:07 for thin phone

  77. Christopher Vasquez

    Christopher Vasquez

    17 timmar sedan

    IPhone 7 Plus has entered the chat

  78. Adelina Docanto

    Adelina Docanto

    17 timmar sedan

    It's your voice...very pleasant

  79. job3ztah


    18 timmar sedan

    I Want a nophone for Christmas.

  80. Unknown Person

    Unknown Person

    19 timmar sedan

    that no phone is crack

  81. ChildofG-d from Florida

    ChildofG-d from Florida

    19 timmar sedan

    I thought he had a souljaboy console at first

  82. Sumit Kumar

    Sumit Kumar

    19 timmar sedan

    I liked the video trust me on that 😉

  83. Sumit Kumar

    Sumit Kumar

    19 timmar sedan

    Wait did this come on April fools

  84. Griffin Lepage

    Griffin Lepage

    19 timmar sedan

    That shit will slip through the couch to easily

  85. yahomie


    20 timmar sedan

    3:33 that backroad penguin club music 😩

  86. Murray


    20 timmar sedan

    0:34 That has to be the most tacked on, disgusting reference I've ever seen in a video made by an adult. You want to use words to appeal to today's youth? What about "Cringe"? Because that's all you are.

  87. Bad Boy

    Bad Boy

    20 timmar sedan

    Sound on your videos makes it unwatchable, this technique looks good on jerryrigeverything. British accent is the cheap version of Jony Ive. Leave all these copied stuff do it in your own style.

  88. Cooldbro


    21 timme sedan


  89. maximumvette


    21 timme sedan

    Those impulse earbuds looks so godam fire too bad it's a scam 😔

  90. Danial Cruzer

    Danial Cruzer

    22 timmar sedan

    Am I getting Rick rolled there?👊🙂 7:59

  91. Tajae Stone

    Tajae Stone

    22 timmar sedan

    I wonder what kind of phone this guy uses

  92. cuckling


    22 timmar sedan


  93. tino768


    22 timmar sedan


  94. just because

    just because

    23 timmar sedan

    I love how your cat is on a lot of shots

  95. abbsnn cose

    abbsnn cose

    23 timmar sedan

    I need to meet Aaron one day before I leave this world.. Fabulous guy

  96. Rubean E Sam

    Rubean E Sam

    23 timmar sedan

    sony z ultra was very thin

  97. Sophie Wilson

    Sophie Wilson

    Dag sedan


    • abbsnn cose

      abbsnn cose

      23 timmar sedan

      the first one is kinda sus

  98. denispenis


    Dag sedan

    6:50 ball bc why not

  99. Henkolson Pietersen

    Henkolson Pietersen

    Dag sedan

    About the “hackers win a million dollars”. Plenty of big companies do this, Google, Amazon, Apple etc. They want to incentivise people with certain skill sets to find and exploit bugs and give them a huge financial reward for reporting these. By doing so the companies effectively have people test their program’s security for free and have a wide range of skill sets try to attack their products. Thus they can improve their products in ways which they hadn’t thought of before and ensure security.

  100. 17MED


    Dag sedan

    Wow that earbud case is amazing, 69% battery