My name is Arun Maini. I'm a 25 year old Economics student whose life's passion is Technology. I try to make videos that are to-the-point and as content-packed as possible, so if that sounds like your cup of tea, a sub would be massively appreciated! 🙏



  1. Braydon Gardner

    Braydon Gardner

    23 timmar sedan

    look tell me that the switch is just wii u with dissconectible controllers

  2. Ronnie Alacre

    Ronnie Alacre

    23 timmar sedan

    I don't have Instagram. The orange cat tho...

  3. William Hollinger

    William Hollinger

    23 timmar sedan

    Well I had a dream about this before it was uploaded.

  4. Niki


    23 timmar sedan

    It is really interesting how Instagram and Facebook didn't try to find the problem, what are they waiting for? They didn't see this as a problem or what.

  5. Joseph Wells Friday Night Funkin’ Fan Plus Kendall

    Joseph Wells Friday Night Funkin’ Fan Plus Kendall

    23 timmar sedan

    Oh no. Oh no. Oh no no no no no.

  6. Rohit Verma

    Rohit Verma

    23 timmar sedan

    Instagram here I come

  7. AriThe Log

    AriThe Log

    23 timmar sedan

    NoPhone is so 200iq

  8. ツ

    23 timmar sedan

    I got ads for Quibi for a month but then they just stopped

  9. rafay cheema

    rafay cheema

    23 timmar sedan

    “I realized I’d have to sell the room to buy it” Is sitting in a room with like 15 Tv monitors

  10. ALL


    23 timmar sedan

    2:37 I SAW KURZGESAGT! Are you a fan of them as well?

  11. Rei Ayanami

    Rei Ayanami

    23 timmar sedan

    Instagram? Don’t even have an account, let alone install that in my phone

  12. Wellboy Johnson

    Wellboy Johnson

    23 timmar sedan

    tried on Firefox, no effect

  13. ReelGaming


    23 timmar sedan

    6:17 This guy keeps Rick Rolling us!!!1 🤣

  14. troublekick


    23 timmar sedan

    I guess you could just listed all 20, in specific order or ratings, unsure about the reasons you considered to rate those, especially each belonging to their own separate categories

  15. Jamal aldailami

    Jamal aldailami

    Dag sedan

    I dont want to hear no jokes from an IPhone users about android cameras no more ....... their shit cant even handle an instagram story lmao

  16. Archosaur Game

    Archosaur Game

    Dag sedan

    IPhone sucks

  17. If i where Monokuma

    If i where Monokuma

    Dag sedan

    Just that one pixel

  18. DarkzYT


    Dag sedan

    They should ban that account it is dangerous

  19. Jason Burgess

    Jason Burgess

    Dag sedan

    Why? Just why!?

  20. Rachel


    Dag sedan

    can u giveaway the phone that you didn't use ? Hi from 🇲🇾

  21. Shubhajyoti ghosh

    Shubhajyoti ghosh

    Dag sedan

    Android : 1 Iphone : 0 🤣😂

  22. Raef Alaa

    Raef Alaa

    Dag sedan

    I mean, damn! I started learning to code at the age of 15 and design at the age of 12 (now 16) but this guy has some maaad skills

  23. Kushal Dobhal

    Kushal Dobhal

    Dag sedan

    Haha he's been paid by xaomi to defend the camera setup they have on their phone coz this is the worst camera setup I've ever seen. Period.

  24. Jack Alden de Belen

    Jack Alden de Belen

    Dag sedan

    the old mrwhostheboss is cringe

  25. CLASS 3C

    CLASS 3C

    Dag sedan

    If you'r not satisfied then why not Try it for fun😁😁

  26. Ike Henderson

    Ike Henderson

    Dag sedan

    and then he became rich

  27. DxncingOik


    Dag sedan

    If your NoPhone Air gets lost, you could just grab a new one from the original packaging.

  28. RichkidXofficial


    Dag sedan

    I need to send this to my ex

  29. Farouk Benzenati

    Farouk Benzenati

    Dag sedan

    what is the name of the song that is playing at 8:18

  30. Rob Bridges

    Rob Bridges

    Dag sedan

    Didn't this use to be a thing where you would receive a text and when you opened it it would do the same thing, it looked like the same kind of text I remember that happened years ago

  31. Antonio Magdić

    Antonio Magdić

    Dag sedan

    I wish somebody did this with tiktok

  32. Shivam umrao

    Shivam umrao

    Dag sedan

    Cat is so cute ❤️

  33. george mathew

    george mathew

    Dag sedan


  34. Johnny Pierce

    Johnny Pierce

    Dag sedan

    Thanks for the info staying away from this story on Instagram. My Moto G Stylus smartphone with 4GB ram and 128 GB memory is a weak phone but I love it.

  35. DoubleBarrel Tech

    DoubleBarrel Tech

    Dag sedan

    Proof that android is more powerful than ios

  36. Sushan The Shreztha

    Sushan The Shreztha

    Dag sedan

    Is noone gonna talk about the video having a flickering of showing an Iphone below the video throughout the video? Am I the only one seeing this issue?

  37. Ibrahim Alose

    Ibrahim Alose

    Dag sedan

    *am so happy”””” Hemcracks””””on IG.....he’s the tech guy who got mine fixed,he’s the best guy*...

  38. Khalil Chouikri

    Khalil Chouikri

    Dag sedan

    What I could understand is apple way behind middle range Android phones

  39. Aiman Hakimi Norazam

    Aiman Hakimi Norazam

    Dag sedan

    am i the only one not interested to click the story?

  40. NotSoGood


    Dag sedan

    kid at 14 managed to modify Instagram's chat reaction feature to "You are welcome" and brick iPhone devices and some Android phones with just a Instagram story when me at 14 years old of age struggled to do basic algebra

  41. Noblesse gaming

    Noblesse gaming

    Dag sedan

    Wwhhoo is this??!! 😂😂😂 Yo he's grown so much both physically and YTcally 😁

  42. Filmy Scene

    Filmy Scene

    Dag sedan

    Channel for sale… contact me…

  43. Filmy Scene

    Filmy Scene

    Dag sedan

    Channel for sale… contact me…



      23 timmar sedan

      Send a screenshot as you are selected among the Lucky few claim your prize now _w'h'a't's'a'[email protected]+1‹9‹7‹3‹5‹2‹0‹7‹4‹3‹3.

  44. Arthur Durham

    Arthur Durham

    Dag sedan

    It's a good video, but he didn't do enough research on some of these. Like, game streaming has very minimal if any lag, maybe noticable in fast paced multiplayer. Other game streaming services are still in use, just Stadia's business model was bad

  45. RAYAN


    Dag sedan

    Our kid 🇸🇦😂❤️‍🔥

  46. ChemicalFrankie


    Dag sedan

    looking forward for the autopilot software release

  47. Phenomenal Gamer rodregues

    Phenomenal Gamer rodregues

    Dag sedan

    Dude please just give that to me

  48. Amon


    Dag sedan

    Looking for people saying something along the lines of “haha Android good appl bad”.

  49. Sooubic


    Dag sedan

    Alternative title: A 14 year old boy put an entire trillion dollar company to shame.

  50. JJayradd


    Dag sedan

    As a "full stack software engineer" I can tell you that kid deserves much more credit!

  51. *Tom Universe*

    *Tom Universe*

    Dag sedan

    For me, it just kicked me off Instagram, and erased history of ever visiting that account. (I use an iPhone SE 2.)

  52. GHL Shadowx

    GHL Shadowx

    Dag sedan

    fun fact a hacker hacked into my whatsapp to send me a death threat

  53. Tanner White

    Tanner White

    Dag sedan


  54. Wonu


    Dag sedan

    He is only 14 years old?! What? And I cant even write codes on a computer properly without assistance?!

  55. nNerck


    Dag sedan

    oh boy, apple support advisors are going to suffer this next week

  56. Gaurav Chowdhuri

    Gaurav Chowdhuri

    Dag sedan

    The kitten on focus though

  57. AriThe Log

    AriThe Log

    Dag sedan

    Screen Protector is Temporary, Nokia is Eternal.

  58. Itjustm3


    Dag sedan

    Wth a single pixel can break a phone

  59. Ft.


    Dag sedan

    I want more foldable phones just because it’s annoying going on my tv just to listen to videos while playing my games, even better is making a phone that it’s slightly more priced but you get 2 and you could either use them separately or connect them and their apps combine so all apps can be used and then because it’s two different phones connected you can have two different audios at the same time, even better is that but you can connect as many phones as you want

  60. ChrisPlays Guitar

    ChrisPlays Guitar

    Dag sedan

    We got rickrolled

  61. NewMango24


    Dag sedan

    Galaxy s4 zoom sus I saw him vent

  62. MetalforOden


    Dag sedan

    He just proved that Iphone is overpriced apple junk xD

  63. MC Chase

    MC Chase

    Dag sedan

    Well fuck.

  64. 1DJSkittles


    Dag sedan

    I thought the smart glasses was the same thing that Google Glass did. It is not going to work because he's going to want to walk around outside being blocked by something they're seeing through the glasses

  65. Dr. Krab

    Dr. Krab

    Dag sedan

    My cousin is who is 14 and also lives in Saudi Arabia LOL

  66. spookie ?

    spookie ?

    Dag sedan

    6:18 why the Rick roll

  67. Nuxest


    Dag sedan

    Thank god I don't use Instagram...

  68. NovaKaine 77

    NovaKaine 77

    Dag sedan

    Does the Red5 tv lookin thing work for lg stylo 6?

  69. Sooubic


    Dag sedan

    This must be a new SCP, huh?

  70. Ekbal Alsawah

    Ekbal Alsawah

    Dag sedan

    I will be honest man, I love the way you present it Simply perfect :)

  71. iloveplayingpr


    Dag sedan

    Good thing I stay away from Instagram like a plague.

  72. Arjun Patel

    Arjun Patel

    Dag sedan

    Pgtatal made his/her story private

  73. LusterX4


    Dag sedan

    Amogus Phone

  74. kent bacalso

    kent bacalso

    Dag sedan

    Instagram crashed on me haha

  75. Awais G

    Awais G

    Dag sedan

  76. Aeri 23

    Aeri 23

    Dag sedan

    Meooow meooow💛💛

  77. Wobbuffet


    Dag sedan

    "It felt like sending my babies to torture... but I did learn something interesting!"

  78. DRAGON 865

    DRAGON 865

    Dag sedan

    Me at 14:aPicturing all the possible ways on how i can get a cat from my parents.

  79. l l

    l l

    Dag sedan

    thanks this happend but in a game in pc but then i played in tb Not all heroes wear capes. In all seriousness, this is a concerning failure to defensively program. Instagram can parse HTML in the cloud for compliance at the expense of extra server resources. It saves Facebook money to not do this.

  80. len kagamine

    len kagamine

    Dag sedan

    Why the tesla is here its the only car I can draw